Mulberry Mindscapes Skira Rizzoli
(May 13, 2014)
The first monograph on Korean artist Kwang Young Chun, renowned for exquisite handmade mulberry paper sculptures and textured surfaces that represent harmony and conflict in the unity of many. Covering the entirety of Kwang Young Chun’s career from his early abstract paintings to his famed Aggregation series—complex structures and canvases created from the antique, handmade mulberry paper pages of literary and academic texts and tinted with teas, fruits and flowers—this book documents a highly influential contemporary artist whose work, writes the New York Times, “…makes you sense something fundamental about great art that is too often forgotten or overlooked in today’s age of instant everything….”

The use of traditional materials and organic dyes, and his meticulous process, imbues Chun’s compositions with a timeless quality that has been recognised around the world. In 2001 Chun received the artist of the year award from the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea. His works are included in esteemed public collections such as the United Nations and Rockefeller Foundation in New York, the National Gallery of Australia at Canberra, and were recently exhibited in a three-man show with Anselm Kiefer and Gotthard Graubner at the Kunstwerk museum in Eberdingen-Nussdorf, Germany (2012).

The book includes such special features as a gatefold, tinted pages, and a jacket printed on hanji, traditional handmade Korean mulberry paper.

ARTIST? Wasmuth, 2014

ARTIST?  / 2014 Fré Ilgen


a new approach to understanding the artist and art

Korean Contemporary Art Prestel Publishing (March 20, 2012)
Miki Wick Kim

This unique survey examines the contemporary art scene in Korea, which is one of the most dynamic and least known areas of the contemporary art world. The works of today's Korean artists are rarely found between the pages of any general art book, yet they ahve become a major force in the global art world. Korea is rich with internationally renowned painters, photographers, and multi-media artists. This book features Korea's most talented and prolific artists and their works, from the powerful and grand-scale installations of Do Ho Suh and the eye-popping sculptures of Choi Jeong-Hwa to the minimalist performance of Kimsooja, and the intellectually challenging videos and sculptures of Michael Joo. The artists' diverse bodies of work often deal with issues relating to tradition, politics, society, alienation, identity, and popular culture. This generously illustrated and engagingly written volume offers a concise introduction to the world of contemporary Korean art.

A.R.T.2: Practice Oxford University Press (2005)
Margaret Marsh/ Michelle Watts/ Craig Malyon
Focuses on the practice of artists, both now in the 21st century and in the context of the evolution of practice in the 20th century and earlier.

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