Chun Kwang Young Interview at PearlLam gallery, Singapore

Chun Kwang Young Interview at Pearl Lam gallery, Singapore

Interview at Beck&Eggeling gallery, Germany, 2015

Interview at Beck&Eggeling gallery, Germany, 2015

Chun Kwang Young - Mulberry papers

Chun Kwang-young: Works 1975-2018 전광영 : WORKS 1975-2018 展
Chun Kwang-young(전광영): Works 1975-2018 展 One of the most respected artists in the international art scene, Chun Kwang-young gained fame for his unique style. Chun holds a private exhibition at PKM Gallery featuring a wide array of artworks ranging from his early 2D paintings to his latest 3D hanji (traditional Korean paper) works. Among his works is “Aggregation” made of naturally-dyed hanji in the form of a small triangular shape. Consisting of tiny objects, Chun’s artworks appear to be moving when seen at a distance. Explore the colorful 3D world of artist Chun Kwang-young. 독창적 작품세계로 국제 미술계에서 큰 명성을 다져온 한국의 대표 미술가 전광영 작가의 개인전이 PKM 갤러리에서 열렸다. 이번 전시는 초기 작업인 추상 평면 회화부터 한지를 사용한 입체적 회화까지 총망라한다. 그 중 작품 '집합'은 한지로 만들어진 작은 삼각 오브제를 천연 염료로 물들여 하나의 집합체로 형상화했다. 그의 작품은 멀리서 보면 움직이는 듯 보이지만 가까이 보면 수많은 집합이 모여 있다. 화려한 색감과 입체적 형태감을 가진 작품을 통해 작가가 오랜 세월 추구해온 이상을 알아보자.

Dovecot Gallery, 2015(Edinburgh Art Festivals)

Kwang Young Chun at Dovecot Gallery(2015)

Edinburgh’s Dovecot Gallery is hosting two major exhibitions as part of the 2015 Edinburgh Art Festival.

A Life in Colour is a retrospective exhibition featuring tapestries and paintings by the late Bernat Klein. The Serbian-born textile designer and artist founded the Colourcraft luxury textile enterprise in the Scottish Borders, producing vibrant mohair and tweed textiles for Europe’s leading fashion houses. The exhibition spans five decades and includes tapestries created in collaboration with the Dovecot weavers in 1971.

Aggregations is the first solo exhibition in Scotland of internationally renowned Korean artist Kwang Young Chun, whose work explores the crossover between expressive fine art and the detailed precision of lovingly crafted hand-made objects. His colourful and complex assemblages are comprised of triangular forms in various sizes, cut from polystyrene, wrapped in Korean mulberry paper and tied with hand-twisted mulberry paper string.

This short film by Stuart Armitt, courtesy of Dovecot Studios, introduces both exhibitions, which are open seven days a week until 31 August, and from Mon-Sat until 26 September 2015.

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