KWANG-YOUNG CHUN: Korean mulberry paper Painting and Sculpture 2006. 09. 07 ~ 2006. 10. 21 Kim Foster Gallery, New York & Michelle Rosenfeld Gallery, New York

We are pleased to announce the exhibition of new work by Korean based artist, Kwang-Young Chun. For this exhibition, Chun introduces us to his monumental sculptural installations, an important development that began when Chun was presented with the 'Artist of the Year 2001' award at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea. These works employ larger elements than the normal-size triangular wedges tied on to the surfaces of the artist's pictorial works.  

Chun's artwork reflects his intense involvement with both Western art and the rich heritage of his homeland. Begun in the mid-1990s, the series titled Aggregation breaks away from the conventional use of brush, paint and canvas. His compositions are constructed of hundreds of tiny triangles wrapped in century-old handmade mulberry paper. In his latest series of constructions, the work depends on a variation of trompe l'oeil. Using a range of gray to black tones, Chun creates what looks like deep depressions or craters. It is only after closer examination that we realize these are not actual indentations. The triangles coalesce into a composition creating a startling illusion of depth, dense with association to natural phenomena.

For those familiar with Korean culture, the mulberry paper used in Chun's compositions offers an additional layer of meaning. Inspired by childhood memories, the wrapped triangles in Chun's constructions are evocative of herbal medicine bundles wrapped in paper and hung in clusters from the ceilings of the family run pharmacy. Though herbal medicine is a dying art in his native country, Chun is keenly aware of the historical and personal resonance of his chosen medium.  

Chun is orchestrating thousands of units to produce variations of surface texture and composition. The richly evocative material he uses transcends its tradition. While imbued with Korean nostalgia, Chun's unique constructions speak on many levels and on universal terms.

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Painting, Relief and Sculpture

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